Terror and Justice

3 Poems | Obi Angel Chidimma | Nigeria


Running helter skelter,

Chaos here and there,

The people are in pain and fear,

There is hardly any hope that things can get better.

You dare not sleep with both eyes closed,

‘cos you know not when the gun would be shot.

Claiming the life of the tall and the short,

Thus drawing wailing from family and friends.

It is true when they say,

That when there is no peace the people suffer,

And the heart of the young and old be bitter,

Fear grips those privileged to see the dawn of a new day.

Take us back to the time,

When we lived happy, carefree lives,

And we didn’t have to bother about the sound of the riffle,

Because we were guilty of no crime.

Our hearts are heavy with sorrow,

Yet we hope there would be a better tomorrow,

Where we do not have to bother about the sound of the gun,

Because there would be peace and joyous songs.


Cars screeching,

People shouting,

Houses collapsing,

Vehicles somersaulting.

They have struck again,

Causing young and old pain,

Those that try to fight back get slain,

Indulging in activities that do not bring gain.

They drop missiles from the air,

Rendering the streets bare,

Taking away the happiness and cheer,

And replacing them with terror and fear.

Yet in the midst of it all,

Some people are willing to fall,

For others to safety crawl,

Their heroic deeds, we would always recall.

A safer place the world would be,

If we can pay the ‘peace fee’,

A little more love and care,

And a safer place the world would be.


The land was bathed with the blood of the innocent,

Sons of the soil were forced to be gobbled up by the soil.

Daughters and mothers drowned in the sea of their tears.

They murdered the men and spilt blood,

Massacres in the land and killings in the forest,

Ripping the soil’s virgins of their pride was their joy.

They committed abominations on the surface of the soil,

Unheard practices they carried out in broad daylight,

Soiling our minds and the soil with evil.

Now, the land has risen with vengeance in its wings,

Taking those who committed these great atrocities,

Swallowing them whole, their families and their properties.

They have cried and can cry no more,

The laughter they shared while destroying the land own have ceased,

And now, their voices ring with great mourning.

Shouts of mercy rend the air, but who would listen?

The ears of the land have been blocked by the cries of the innocent.

And the land revenges without mercy.

The blood of the innocent must be avenged,

And the soil’s sons and daughters must receive justice,

And tears would not cease in the house of the wicked ones.

Obi, Angel Chidimma is a writer and a student. She is in her sophomore year at the University of Lagos currently studying English Education. She hopes to become an educationist and presently, she has written well over twenty poems, ranging from love poems to poems that discuss societal ills. Aside from schooling, she is also a fashion designer. She strives hard to ensure consistency in her art of writing to get better at writing poems and fiction.



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