Life: 4 Poems

Life: 4 Poems | Okeyele Isaac | Nigeria


Eyes wide open

Within a twinkle of an eye

It’s past one minute between life and death

Living a good life is easy

Living a life with regrets is simple

Reminiscing my good and bad deeds

It cannot be rolled back in time

Sketching memories of people,

whom I loved and cared for

The good seasons,

salivating the bad times and moments

Tick Tock,

The second minute upon me

Imaginations of life lived,

A fulfilled or thrashed one?

The dreams envisioned,

Do they really turn realities?

My purpose on Earth,

Accomplished or accompanied?

A big question mark sketched in my heart

The heart ceased to beat

The eyes at peace

Harsh realities of life

It’s all over in the whale of time

It’s all over with things in prime

A defining moment in life

Life runs in moment turning hue

A dark reality in bleak

Everyone I loved turning memories

Another celestial chapter upon me

But cheers to those moments, memories and realities

Within three minutes.



We live life to the fullest

Enjoying the pleasure and grits

In royals and honour


We are in it

We emit and breed in it daily

We are the dark knights,

The scornful militant

When we were children,

Rain was a beacon of growth

Age started to stalk our innocence with shadows

Caskets and dreams were flashing the cracks of our youth

Fate has turned the universe to a sewer

It reeks of mourning cloaks

We are afraid the cloaks will consume everyone’s dignity

Hazardous and wild decisions

We take them to the dearest

We don’t all know about life

We all are born in care and love,

some with a silver spoon in their mouths

We never thought life is war

We fight for our survival in it daily

We laugh at daylight

Mourn and reminisce at midnight

We live as dark knights

We fight to live, love and be loved.


The night was young,

All fears bewailed the heart

Anxiety and shock all over my face.

I know it’s not easy to lose a precious gift from the highest,

But you must not lose your smile running through these hurdles.

Get to your lane and let the beauty run.

Knowing the pain felt,

I know it’s burning to the heart.

The anxiety, self-rejection and thinking,

But I want you to put a shift to that.

But turn to your innermost desires,

and let go of all the pains and worries you go through.

Make yourself happy and never worry.


Every time you come close,

I want to award you with a rose.

Every touch of yours,

It works like magic.

With you my life,

Has never been tragic.

Never leave my side,

With you, this world is like an easy ride.

I could run into a building filled with flames,

just to get my love for you.

I choose to love you in silence,

In silence, I find no rejection.

I choose to love you from a distance,

distance shields one from pain.

I choose to hold you in my dreams,

For in dreams, you have no end.

Your smile brightens my world

Your feelings getting me insecure

You imbue love in the palms of my heart,

you restore my soul.

I now lie in the green pasture of love,


Okeyele Isaac is a poet, writer and creative content creator. He resides in Nigeria, where he studies Mass Communication at The Polytechnic, Ibadan. He is also a scriptwriter in training at Tafta, Nigeria.

Okeleye is fond of writing poems and any artistic write-up as well as performing in open mic sessions either virtually or physically. Okeleye is a one-time winner of The Virtual Open Mic by Secret Superstars, India. Open to opportunities, Okeyele writes comedy, fiction and non-fiction pieces.



Instagram- @tblex_writes

Twitter- @TblexAdeoluwa

Facebook- T BLEX

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