5 Poems by Usman Bulangu

5 poems | Usman Bulangu | Nigeria


Along the margin of a great running bay

Waves dancing up and down by the day

Bleeding copiously, by its water into the way

To the fjords’ axis, on the sea level, it lay.

Then comets and asteroids go astray

When the universe at once, In the milky way

They’re all expanding, at the swaggering bay

It’s quick to exploit those who fall by its sway.

Singing songs and making a brooding play

Up by the birds, in a vocal of mimic say

In flowering colours of blues and grey

Making coos, they’re in search of prey.

Whilst blossoms were out, I love the spring

Beautified flowers and seedless fruits’ wing

Such breathless breath of fragrance it brings

Meander o’er its nectar, butterfly ringing ring.


Amidst the chaos and the calm,

The world’s climatic changes swirl,

As winter heat and summer storms,

Become the norm in this new world.

The frigid heat and icy breeze,

Collide with fervent energy,

As snowflakes fall in scorching skies,

And hurricanes rage on land and sea.

The air is thick with icy fire,

And raindrops fall like burning ice,

The earth is frozen but ablaze,

In this world of contradictions, so unkindly nice.

The oceans swell with melting ice,

As deserts grow in icy climes,

And animals roam unfamiliar lands,

As polar bears sunbathe in sunny times.

The world’s climatic changes confound,

As seasons blend and time coils,

And in this paradoxical world,

We face new challenges in this mortal toil.

But in the midst of darkness,

There’s always a ray of light,

A glimmer of hope amidst the chaos,

Guiding us through this oxymoronic fight.

So let us heed the call of nature,

And embrace her in all her forms,

For only by working hand in hand,

Can we navigate these ever-changing storms?


The angiospermic ferns and shrubs

To the lonely road, were sited beside.

An encountered smokes, seemingly

Upon invading sky. Homeless dwelled

On thuggish shrine. An infant dog of

Him along with, which he shall abide.

Moisty wetlands are surrounded with

Tearless cry, for driest may’s dispride.

The then porous sand dunes are often

begotten by summer’s scintillating tide.

Whilst the time frozen cubes of days,

When it passed, then where would thou hide?


Oh, ye! tantalizing smell

The rattle-snake of my soul

Rats! It ravaged my body’s cell

Rat-tat rat-tat a knocking ball

Why always, make me fall?

Yoo-hoo when I’m over yon hill

A cache of all criminality deal

Camouflaged as a lady, while you’re a doll

Such imbroglio of thy should fail

The dilemma I faced, that dis expel

I should forsake you like a sea-shell

Included then, in a folktale

Like a gentle folk, you made me feel

You fumed-filled my fugitive skull

Gilded goose giggle for God-given goal

A gizzard of deception and jail

Passed thine attack, ere that of a belle

Triumphed tree too try to be a tall

Thus, I thwarted thy attempt to sell

Let me evade from egregious pool

Erm, your forwarding contended in toil

Slyly smacked me, seems sluggardiz’d snail

The ending doom would wear you out to swell

We beseech thee, O’ Lord of the fall

It wrung my heart and wrested control

It conjured coins, from behind the people

We on to you, need redemption to heal

Thine taste seems contaminated Hausa gruel

Shrillness shrugged, when shy shrouded me well

A zigzag zoo that zips my zoomed zeal

Schmuck schmoozed with schnook on schmaltzy schedule

Schadenfreude scavenged for schmo to shock him to hell

Here-in-after to go to final dwell

I castigated diaspora and let the world as awful.


When the bards are raping the poetry

Same like that of Northern banditry

With oxymoron as fortunated grocery

It gave birth to sons, whom are imagery

And similes are state as a poetic country

Take me to surgeon of a poetic surgery

Where the world is living in great misery

Whilst the Poets are fighting for sanitary

Sanctifying the planet with real literary

During the era of the dark ages’ history

An efforts of thee, makes it a sanctuary

Shakespeare, who wiped it from blurry

Williams Wordsworth, Coleridge in mimicry

Who tells about a fondness of nature in furry

Imri-Alqais Hujr Alkindy is Arab’s Assha’iry

Darafah, Nabigah are all in the documentary

Antarah bn Shaddad and Hassanu of glory

Shehu and Sheikh Abdullahi in Hausa poetry

And Nana Asma’u Uwardaje in vocal allegory

They’re patriotic Hausas who gained honourary.

Usman Ibrahim Bulangu is a Nigerian bilingual poet and writer. A typical Geographer by career. His major works are in his indigenous language (Hausa).

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