5 Poems by Mercy Oluwabukola Adetoyese

5 Poems | Mercy Oluwabukola Adetoyese | Nigeria

Poem 1: Escape route

Betwixt the devil,

And the deep.

The latter,

A peaceful — violent way to end,

Yet, a transition,

Into torment.

The former,

Dragged violently by the staff,

With the same end,

As the latter.

If silent darkness satisfies,

How does light work?

Sometimes, It breeds enmity,

For egos are trampled upon;

Bringing instant death

To things that blossom.

At what point

Can we boldly prove

Light as light?

And as an escape route,

To die silently?

Poem 2: Life

Blind ears,

Deaf eyes,

Rusty green,

The mistletoes;

Blazing fiery in a thousand ways,

Life is more like a fairy tale.

Sailing boat,

Running bike,

Sometimes it’s easy to understand.

Yellow roses,

Orange daises,

Life is more than a fairy tale.

Poem 3: Love

Can love be magic?

Love at first gaze is indeed esoteric.

It lures you into its fierce ways,

Swirls and twirls you in its magnificent rainbow.

You are open to a world of no limitations,

As the cloud of her penetrating gaze-

Hinders your ability to graze.

You carry the oxen yoke

And proceed to the threshing floor

Forgetting you are meant to be human!

Can love be fantasy?

You have never been this vulnerable,

Your guards are hurled with passionate pebbles,

Her fascinating tears weaken your pillars,

And you rhetorically doubt your existence.

Twinkle twinkle little star,

You follow its trace until you get lost.

Words of those outta-fantasy

Seem like serpents over the hedge.

Love is indeed magical

Draws and chokes you-

In its bittersweet embrace.

And then the question

Is there such as Pure love?

Poem 4: Pain

Disappointments are bound to descend.

Mainly depends on who delivers the parcel,

While the dispatch rider delegated determines the degree of pain you bear.

Then you get lost in an ocean of wishes,

Wishing wishes which wander willy-nilly,

You suddenly want to walk on water,

Only to realize You’re stuck in a hole because you loved

Poem 5: Peace

Songs from empty gongs,

Aiming to spit fire,

On and on it clangs

Yet no one frets at its fangs

We’ll find you, fish you and scale you

But that only appeals to those who are hiding

For those who have no skeletons

Do not bear the stench of death!

Mercy Oluwabukola Adetoyese also known as Da Priestess is an undergraduate student at the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State. She is from Osun State, in the western part of Nigeria. She is a theatre Artist, poet/ spoken word artist and beautician.

She can be reached at mogbojubolanleadetoyese@gmail.com

FB: Da Priestess

Instagram: melanin_priestess

Country of Origin: Nigeria.

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