Top 5 Online Bookstores For Nigerians in 2023

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Top 5 Online Bookstores for Nigerians In 2023

Did you make a buoyant New Year resolution to read more books?

Are you looking for the perfect book to gift a loved one?

Are you frustrated with the international payment restrictions in Nigeria?

Getting books from online stores shouldn’t be difficult if you know the best online bookstores to shop from. Many bibliophiles may be familiar with famous online bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo Books, Books-A-Million etc. The sad news is that Nigeria has been restricted from making international payments on many platforms. However, shopping for books online can still be as easy as shopping for thrift items in Nigeria.

Check out the top 5 cheapest and most reliable online bookstores in Nigeria.

  1. Roving Heights

With multiple outlets in Abuja and Lagos, Roving Heights is one of the biggest bookstores in Nigeria. With over 8+ years in the book business, Roving Height has stood the test of time, becoming one of the go-to stores for all genres. Roving Heights occasionally takes to their Twitter Spaces to host book discussions on selected books for the month.

2. Akwukwo Ndu

Located in Enugu state, Akwukwo Ndu is fast becoming one of Nigeria’s most reliable online bookstores. Akwuwko Ndu is an Igbo phrase which translates to Book of Life is popularly known for its resourcefulness in acquiring rare books, especially in the religious non-fiction genre. Akwuwkwo Ndu owns a budding book club where passionate readers are occasionally rewarded with free paperbacks and e-books.

3. The 1k Bookstore

The 1k Book store is popularly known for its commitment to making books as pocket-friendly as possible. Readers on a budget can purchase books for as low as 1K (#1,000). With a pledge to deliver to any state in Nigeria, The 1k bookstore is one of the most reliable online bookstores for various books. It has a different store dedicated to only children’s books for as low as #500.

4. Page Book Connoisseurs

PBC is the official bookstore of Parresia Publishers and is known for collecting and selling books of various genres. Located in Lagos, PBC gives you premium access to books published by Parresia and its sister publisher, Farafina Books. PBC is also known for sourcing rare books or books that are not readily available on their online store. However, this is based on request.

5. Bella Books

Bella Books is another fast-growing bookstore located in Nigeria. With a commitment to worldwide shipping, Bella Books is reliable and committed to connecting readers to quality books. Bella Books is also known for its custom-made journal- Pen & Prayers contains bible study plans, prayer prompts and other Christian study tools.

At Readers Boon, we believe the art of reading is not dead. We are committed to connecting avid readers to accomplished writers. It is no secret that good readers make good writers. In addition, the progressive individual must be committed to learning, knowing and reading even without being a writer.

Consequently, there are countless online bookstores on the web. We would love to know which ones you have tried and how reliable they were.

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