3 Poems by Oyeladun Peace Idowu

3 Poems | Oyeladun Peace Idowu | Nigeria

Resilient Wings: Moving On When Strength Fails.

In moments when strength falters and wanes,

When the heart is heavy with sorrow’s reins,

There lies a path to venture upon, A healing journey, to find the dawn.

When burdens weigh upon your weary soul,

And the world feels too heavy to control,

Find solace in knowing you’re not alone,

Others have faced battles of their own.

Gather your fragments, shattered and torn,

With each piece, a lesson shall be born, Embrace the scars that mark your strife,

For they bear witness to your resilient life.

Though weariness may cloud your sight,

And doubts may dim your inner light,

Summon the courage, deep from within, To rise above and let the healing begin.

Seek the whispers of the gentle breeze,

Let nature’s embrace bring you ease, In the rhythm of waves and the song of birds,

Discover the strength in nature’s words.

Find comfort in the embrace of a friend,

Whose presence helps your wounds to mend,

Their listening ear and caring touch can offer solace when strength feels too much.

Release the chains of past mistakes,

The shackles that bind and hold your breaks,

Grant forgiveness to yourself and others,

And free your spirit from heavy anchors.

With every step forward, leave behind,

The weight of regrets that no longer bind,

For in each new moment, a chance is found, To build a future on solid ground.

Moving on, a dance of grace and will,

A choice to let go and let life refill,

In vulnerability’s embrace, you’ll see, New strength emerging, setting you free.

So when strength fails and weakness calls,

Remember, deep within your spirit’s walls,

Resides a spark, a flicker of light, Guiding you through the darkest night.

Embrace the journey, however long,

Moving on makes you brave and strong,

With each small step, you’ll find your way,

To brighter skies and a brand-new day.

Whispered Reverie: A Serenade of the Soul’s Secrets

In the depths of silence, where secrets reside,

Whispers of the soul, elusive and wide,

A symphony of murmurs, ethereal and true,

Unveiling the essence that dwells within you.

Soft as a zephyr, they gently unfold,

Like delicate petals of stories untold,

Through the corridors of thoughts they roam,

Seeking solace, longing to find a home.

Each whisper a fragment of hidden desires,

Unfurling like flames from dormant fires,

They dance in shadows, shimmer and sway,

An enigmatic language, only the soul can convey.

They speak of dreams, wrapped in veils of mist,

Of passions kindled, by an artist’s wrist,

Whispers of love, like a sweet serenade,

A melody that lingers, never to fade.

In moments of doubt, they become a guide,

A compass within, by which we confide,

They carry the wisdom of ages gone by,

Echoing truths that cannot deny.

Sometimes they weep, like rain on a glass,

A symphony of tears, fragile and vast,

They mourn the losses, the scars we bear,

Yet whisper of hope, in the depths of despair.

Whispers of the soul, a gentle breeze,

Unearthing the secrets our hearts release,

They navigate the labyrinth of the mind,

In search of solace, where solace we find.

They speak of journeys, of paths yet untrod,

Of untamed adventures, through lands abroad,

They beckon us forward, with a mystical call,

To embrace the unknown, and surrender our all.

Whispers of the soul, a sacred dance,

Weaving stories of life’s transient trance,

They bind us together, in our humanity,

A tapestry of whispers, a shared divinity.

Listen closely, for their voice is frail,

In the symphony of life, they often pale,

But in the stillness, they’ll find a way,

To guide, to inspire, to lead astray.

So let us embrace the whispers profound,

Let their essence in our hearts resound,

For within their verses, we find the key,

To unlock the mysteries of what it means to be free.

In the whispers of the soul, we find our truth,

A sanctuary where dreams take root,

In their ethereal cadence, we are whole,

Immersed in the magic of whispers of the soul.

Title: Be The Best You

In the realm of endless possibilities,

Where dreams and hopes intertwine,

There lies a path, uniquely yours,

To be the best you, so divine.

Cast aside doubts that hold you back,

Unleash the fire that burns within.

Embrace your strengths, let weaknesses go,

For greatness blooms where passion begins.

Seek not comparison to others’ ways,

Your journey follows its own decree.

With every step, you’ll grow and learn,

Embrace the best you, wild and free.

In every failure, a lesson hides,

A chance to rise and claim your might.

For setbacks forge a resilient soul,

And lead you closer to your light.

Embrace the power of self-belief,

For within you lies untapped potential.

Unleash your spirit, let it soar,

And watch your dreams become exponential.

Seek wisdom from the whispers of your heart,

Let intuition guide you through.

Trust your instincts, trust the process,

To be the best you, authentic and true.

No need to wear a borrowed mask,

Or strive to fit in someone’s mold.

Embrace your quirks, your unique voice,

And let your brilliance brightly unfold.

So, dare to dream, dare to explore,

Embrace the journey, hand in hand.

Embody passion, unleash your soul,

And be the best you, forever grand.

Oyeladun Peace Idowu is an aspiring writer hailing from Kwara State, Nigeria. With a passion for storytelling and a keen interest in exploring themes of lifestyle and relationships, Peace has embarked on a writing journey to share his unique perspective with the world. He believes that each story has the power to touch hearts, evoke emotions, and create a sense of unity among readers.

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