3 Poems By Esther Aderiyike Sokomba

3 Poems | Esther Aderiyike Sokomba | Nigeria

Precious Dear Home

Home precious dear home

Not alone is being at home

Not the rules and not the faces

But the smiles and the peace

Even if the heart is not borne naked

You can tell who is the wicked

Need not lay on a royal feathery bed or

Be covered with a velvety fur blanket

A cup of hot tea from mama when you are cold

Papas pat on the back when you have a hold

Though making promises isn’t fulfilling them

Love is not a hidden factor at home

Suspicions may reduce the fraction you own

Yet words that are said may hurt

They don’t matter at home

The love we bear and share is all that matters

A bitter complain at home is sweeter than

A horrid ‘well-done’ from a stranger

No trying to impress mom or dad

They already know all that is bad

No working to earn a meal

You deserve all you need to heal

Home is where the heart finds comfort

Even when it all seems hot

Be as nasty as you can

All you’ll ever get is a spank

Time for lunch or time for dinner

Eat as much as you’ll ever

And days when temperature within gets too high

Bond of a brave brother clears the sky

The fight and struggle

Ends like a bubble

All that matter is you laughter

Pray my loved ones live forever

So we can share as we prosper

None like home

Home precious dear home

Home is where the heart smiles with hopes

The pensioner’s melancholy

Even when I have laboured for now

Do I have to savour at dawn?

We strived and toiled

Sailed through the wild Atlantic

I am a stage in this epic

Sweated and drained-out muscles

With the strength that was stern

My breadth may now seize

Yet a nation that seizes it

Planning for the rain is not perfect

To predict the yield is farfetched

Even if the mind is ageless

It is presumed old

Old but experienced

Old but not stupid

My kneels are weak now

Toilsome all through

My sight, failing

The Eagle wasn’t better

But planning the rain is

As bad as predicting the yield

No regrets for the past

For I won’t relent on my future

Time is the difference between now and then

Age is the difference between young and old

Even if I laboured in vain

I have harboured the pain

But never compromised

At least for that I deserve a pay rise

It’s late now because I am old now

Am suddenly uninteresting

Nobody is testing

We all deceive ourselves

It surely goes around

Time differentiate now and then

Mine a harbinger for yours

If I don’t deserve my benefits

Age spell it out aloud

Time is ticking and fast

Who is next?

To be born or to die

No line of demarcation

I still won’t compromise

This is the best phase in life

With fancied victory for life.

The Monster We Raised

We raised the giant that trails us

We made a monster with thorny furs

Blood means no more than water

Water in itself is a luxury

No longer bearing the name portable

People begging for a sip from the mud

Those who claimed they care for the masses

Whose wealth now made them better than us?

You sell your soul to mammon

Who leaves you with nothing but a stone for a heart?

Promised them a good life

Only to come to suck out the frail life

Yes we all dance to the tune

It was all originated from the lines we wrote

The one you composed yet you can’t master

You call woe on Europe for trading your brothers

Only for you on return to murder the ones thy free

Their death is your doom

For the monster we built trails us

Waiting to take on his master

Only with the space of time

And a heart of reparation can we escape it

Else we wait in cue in a queue

As the monster we built usurps its creator

Esther Aderiyike Sokomba is of Yoruba descent from Nigeria. She is in her mid-40s, originally a teacher and a mother. She has a couple of prose to her credit which include; “The Unknown Royals, Good to Be Good” and “School Boy Yebo”.

These poems are extracted from her collection of poetry works titled “The Battles We Won” and are due for publication soon.

She is currently undergoing further studies in Guidance and counselling. She appreciates art.

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